Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Little Update

A Little Update On Me!

Good morning and happy Wednesday world!
I am SO sorry I havent been around for a while, but I can tell ya that I havent been lazy... No I am working on NEW Posers, sets, alphas and more and on top of that I am working on a brand New Website!
Yepp, there are a lot to do with this site but its SOOON ready for showing!
On This site I will have my Shop, showing my art, information and SO MUCH MORE!

As I told You, its NOT ready, its an process in work so to speak... but You can take a little PEEK on HOW it looks so far:
Click on my New Icon to see how it looks so far!
Remember, its NOT FINNISHED yet... I am STILL working on it!

I will let You know when the GRAND OPENING of my New Website and Shop is... PROMISE!

Love and Blessings
Anette aka Nettis

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